A Special Day With David Lykes Keenan - The Photographer

Rainy Window, Austin, 2011 Photo © David Lykes Keenan

Car Was, Austin, 2010 Photo © David Lykes Keenan
I watch people living their lives, doing mundane things that they, more often then not, are consciously unaware of. If I am on my game and have my camera ready then that otherwise lost moment is captured.

By now tens of thousands of such moments fill my negative archives and hard disks along with the occasional pictures of “things” that caught the fancy of my shutter finger. A very select few escape the archive and appear on my web site or become a candidate for some other public viewing.

These pictures of particular humor, irony, melancholy, of startling incongruity, of humanity came from within in.

Who is to say how these reflect me, the photographer?

Boy at Ruta Maya, Austin, 2010 Photo © David Lykes Keenan

Kyle, New York City, 2010 Photo © David Lykes Keenan
The same photographer who has been at war with himself since he was a teenager, who has never personally known the intimacies of a love affair (something that most people take for granted), and who succumbs to the Ache on street corners, in coffee shops, in subway trains at the sight of a beautiful young face or a tender display of affection.

Just as the photographer longingly tries to chip away 30 years of lost opportunity to find Love, his lens continues to find otherwise lost slices of life that might have been his. These slices must say more about the photographer than he is aware of.

Posted Keep Out, NYC, 2009 Photo © David Lykes Keenan