591 Exhibition: Selected work - Mikhail Zakharov

Photography and camera: It's absolutely an egoistic thing for me - they keep me interested. The camera in my hand makes me look around constantly in search for a good frame.

My photographic experience comes to 99 % from the great photographs I have seen. My favourite two great masters: Josef Sudek and Josef Koudelka have shot the most beautiful and the most meaningful photographs and this is what I’m looking for everywhere – beauty or meaning.

I'm happy if I catch a moment but I'm not upset if i missed it - I'm happy I've seen it - I see things I’d never noticed before.

B/W: It just keeps me focused on the light – I’m not distracted by color.  
Family album: I love to shoot my family because they don’t lie. Even if they’re playing.
Dogs: They’re like humans but never hypocrite.

- Mikhail Zakharov
born and living in Kharkiv, Ukraine


Photos ©  Mikhail Zakharov


Michael W said…
mrurbano said…
A lot of good photography to be seen here. Thanks Mikhail for sharing with us.
Matko said…
Special mood goes thru all the pictures very very nice!!