Solitary Fruit - Risk Hazekamp at Galleri Funke, Berlin

Solitary Fruit (Hattiesburg) © Risk Hazekamp
At the end of 2011 Risk Hazekamp followed the 1959 route of the (white) American writer John Howard Griffin, who in his in 1960 published book "Black Like Me" reports of his travels as a black man (with help of medicine, UV light and make-up) through the Deep South. Hazekamp projected this subversive idea on the Gender theme and traveled not as a woman, but as a man.

Solitary Fruit (New Orleans) © Risk Hazekamp
The (mostly) black and white analog photographs are all made in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama: the Deep South.

Solitary Fruit (Damn I'm Good) © Risk Hazekamp
Solitary Fruit (Swamp) © Risk Hazekamp
The title of the exhibition brings to mind the 1939 song "Strange Fruit" of Billie Holiday. At the same time "Fruit" is offensive slang for a gay man. Apart from that the title also aims at Johnny Cash' version of the song "Solitary Man" and underlines Hazekamp's solitary road trip through the Deep South, far away from any trans-gender-subculture.

Galleri Funke