New York Young - Amy Touchette

New York Young looks at the young in New York City. Ranging in ages from about seven to 20, this portrayal of urban burgeoning observes today's youth culture both alone and with peers, as well as their strong relationship to the camera. (2012, new)

I love Amy's street portraits from New York. They tell me a lot about the city and the people living there. I am impressed by how Amy connects to the people she portrays - she is a natural born photographer. - Mr Urbano

Amy Touchette is a fine art photographer based in New York City. Her photographs explore social themes in order to make connections and highlight relationships and aim to contribute to a historical documentation. 

Trained at the International Center of Photography, she began her artistic career as a writer and painter, earning a BA in Literature and Studio Art and an MA in Literature. Currently she works as a teacher’s assistant at the International Center of Photography and as a freelance photography writer.

Amy's photographs have exhibited nationally and internationally, including Moscow MoMA (Moscow, Russia), the Pingyao International Photography Festival (Shanxi, China), Arte Fiera OFF (Bologna, Italy), Noorderlicht International Photofestival and Noorderlicht Gallery (Groningen, Netherlands), the school of the International Center of Photography (New York, New York), World of Wonder Gallery (Hollywood, California), and Bromfield Gallery (Boston, Massachusetts).

All photos © Amy Touchette


Tiberio Fanti said…
This is a great selection.

I'm always a little bit envy of the way photographers like Amy are able to get in contact with their subjects. I think you must have a bit over the average to succeed in it.