The Magpie depicts the Crow - wetplates exhibition

The Magpie depicts the Crow
Silver-images from Mölndals Kvarnby
Wetplate Collodion exhibition by Anna Edlund and Markus Andersson
Galleri Forscaféet at Mölndals Museum
Sat 7 april – sun  24 june 2012

The photographers Anna Edlund and Markus Andersson has depicted people working in a creative part of Mölndal, localy known as “the Crow”, with Wetplate Collodion Photography. The photos are made as tintypes on black aluminium. On the exhibition some of the original tintypes will be shown while other photos are shown as large prints. 

I have not met Markus in many years and still not Anna. The news about this exhibition made me glad - I know them as some of the most interesting and commited Swedish photographers around. The pictures that Markus sent me are just wonderful and I hope the exhibition will be flooded with visitors. Good luck! - Mr Urbano

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Gerda Lelieveld said…
Beautiful intriguing plates, great the old man with the beard.
Simon Johansson said…
looks great! interesting.
m agejev said…
Great! Looking forward to the exhibiton!
Tiberio Fanti said…
I recommend all visitors to get ready for a long and interesting walk uphill, till the summit where the museum stands. I've been there many times, during my lunch breaks, in the past years. This exhibition is a good reason to get back in Molndal ASAP!