Le Viseur - a new Swedish web magazine

The first issue of a Swedish webzine dedicated to documentary photography is out. It gives a sample of what Swedish documentary photography has to offer today. The idea is to create a platform dedicated to documentary images and text without the intervention of ads. It is a brave effort and the creators will face a tough time ahead, but I am much in favour of the idea. There are numerous Swedish photo magazines with some things in common - they are packed with ads and tests of cameras, articles about "how to become a better photographer" or silly photo competitions. To me they are unreadable and frankly just stupid.

I wish the creators of Le Viseur good luck and please have a look at some of the pictures  right here before going straight to the webzine ( at this stage only in Swedish - looking forward to a multlingual version )
- Mr Urbano

Photo © Johan Larsson

Photo © Johan Svensson

Photo © Mikael Good

Photo © Johan Lindén