Tamil Nadu 3:3 - Thierry Clech

Tamil Nadu covers an area of 130,058 square kilometres  The western, southern and the north-western parts are hilly and rich in vegetation.The eastern parts are fertile coastal plains and the northern parts are a mix of hills and plains. The central and the south central regions are arid plains and receive less rainfall than the other regions.

Tamil Nadu's coastline bore the brunt of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami when it hit India, which caused 7,793 direct deaths in the state.

Tamil Nadu is one of the highly industrialised states in India.  Many heavy engineering and manufacturing companies are located in and around the suburbs of Chennai.

Electronics manufacturing is a growing industry in Tamil Nadu, with many
telecommunications giants having chosen Chennai as their South Asian manufacturing hub. ( source wikipedia  )

Photos by © Thierry Clech, August 2011
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