The Grand Focus - 10LoFi exhibits in Gothenburg

The Grand Focus opens at Fotokompaniet, Ingenjörsgatan 3, Göteborg, on 4 February. Opening hours: 12-5. The show closes on 2 March.

The photographers, Britt Aximon, Jan Bernhardtz, Daniel Björkert, Kristofer Bratt, Madelene Johansson, Johan Kauppinen, Lena Källberg, Ulla Larsson, Christer Törnkvist and Li Östlund, all work with some kind of low tech camera equipment, such as pinhole or simple plastic cameras, in which the lens is sometimes replaced by inverted or homemade lenses. Using these crude photographic tools they have been investigating a visual world of the trivial or something just faintly discernible, with the intention of creating photographs beyond the obvious, moving towards the emotive.

Photo © Jan Bernhardtz
from The Grand Focus

Leading up to the Grand Opening in Gothenburg on Saturday we will give you a preview of what are about to experience at Fotokompaniet.

Photo © Britt Aximon
from The Grand Focus

”10LoFi is a reaction to post-modernism’s view of the photograph as a staple among others. The word sharpness has come to mean optical quality or resolution,” the group states, ”and surely, if that kind of technology focused measurement is used to judge our images they are often inferior to photographs made with conventional high tech equipment. But we are searching for something else.”

Photo © Ulla Larsson
from The Grand Focus

Photo © Daniel Björkert
from The Grand Focus

Stay with 591 Photography for more previews from this exciting event and check out the LoFi website:
- Mr Urbano


cafe selavy said…
This looks great.
Ekonomitrollet said…
Thank you so much for posting this. I am a proud member of this group, and am flatterd to be mentioned in this blogg.