New York Threes

Photo © Carrie Crow

Carrie writes : "I join the 591 community on commending you for three wonderful years of sharing interesting work by this divine community of international artists.  (it is on 591 that I first learned of Peter Agron's work, who I just met in NY last week at his opening--so exciting!)  I hope very much to be a part of this continued effort. I found that I had 3 New York "threes" to help commemorate your anniversary."


Joanie said…
These photographs also shine a really interesting light on what we group together significantly in our minds. The last photograph alone as so many groupings - the newspaper with the newspapers bin, the train picture on the bin with the three train windows behind the man. Love this.
Carrie said…
Thank you Joanie, I appreciate your comment very much.

Kind regards,