591 Exhibition: Peter Agron - a retrospective

ABOUT the photographer
Peter Agron 
born in 1948 in St. Petersburg  (Russia).
Since 1975 lives in the US.
This selection represent his work in B&W film photography in the last 25 years.

Peter Agron is a man of few words, at least when it comes to speaking about his own work. He has no website and his presence on the net is quite scarce. This online exhibition gives you an idea of the great quality of Peter Agron's work. He is one of the finest photographers I have come across in recent years and it is a great honour to be able to show a rich selection of his photography. - Mr Urbano

All photos © Peter Agron


dick said…
wonderful and inspired by many of the great classics,exquisite and a perfect sense of form and still original in the classic framework, thank you for a great surprise
Marvellous works of art!
br said…
a fabulous exhibition!!
Carrie said…
Wonderful. I really love this work.
Anonymous said…
Very nice photographs!
Very proud to have you as my relative.
Arkady A. (Chicago)