Merhaba Istanbul - Ying Tang

Istanbul has  a wonderful atmosphere and for me its easily one of the most fun and interesting cities in Europe, it is also a dream for a streetphotographer.

Ying Tang have recently been there and wow did she get some great shots or what, please enjoy her special selection for 591.

It is the first time to visit Istanbul.  So during that ten days trip I learned a few Turkish words.  One of them is Merhaba which means Hello.  This is the frequent word i have used when I was there which also be this title of my series " Merhaba Istanbul". Istanbul is a city full of confidence, diversity, color and mystery at the same time. It is a meeting point of East and West.  I feel very much like at home myself when I was there.  I can see the east part of conservative, and also see the west part of shinning and confidence.
-Ying Tang

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All photos Copyright Ying Tang


mrurbano said…
I find many quite outstanding photos in this selection. Great, great...thanks micke and Ying!
Phil Decker said…
Strong complex images. I like the ambiguity within the documentary style.
Anonymous said…
Eclectic Market in flickr: really nice photos, thank you both!!