Cairo November 2011 - Alex Mayyasi

November 7. Prosecutor's Office. The stickers, ubiquitous in Cairo, protest
the 12,000 plus military trials that have taken place since the revolution.
© Alex Mayyasi

 November 22. Tahrir Square © Alex Mayyasi

November 22. Tahrir Square © Alex Mayyasi

I graduated from Stanford University in the spring of 2011 knowing only one thing about the future - that I wanted to work in post-revolution Egypt. My sights were set on the work of local and international organizations, not photography. But as the world's eyes have turned to Cairo and the renewed revolution in the streets, I have been privileged to be able to share my photography with a wider audience. 

The photos shown here were shot as freelance submissions to Al Jazeera English. I have never before photographed breaking news, and I found shooting protests to be full of surprises. Namely, the surreal way in which nothing has changed in the backdrop of a one of a kind situation. As always, vendors try to overcharge foreigners, even if their wares are gas masks. Children excitedly jump in front of the camera. People vie for attention with sophisticated showmanship. And in a way I can never communicate to concerned friends and family, watching tear gas and injured protesters on their TV screens, daily life ultimately asserts itself.

- Alex Mayyasi

November 7. Prosecutor's Office. Signs in English not only attract Western media
attention, but they announce that protesters are part of a new, globalized
generation that is distinct from the old guard. © Alex Mayyasi

November 18. Tahrir Square. Small focal points of chanting,
marching, speeches, and protest dot Tahrir Square. 
© Alex Mayyasi

 November 22. Bridge to Tahrir Square. Protesters take a break from Tahrir, wearing
masks sold throughout downtown to protect against tear gas. © Alex Mayyasi

November 22. Tahrir Square © Alex Mayyasi

November 25. Tahrir Square facing Mohamed Mahmoud Street and the American
University in Cairo campus. A man sells nuts in front of a military barrier on what
had been the site of the fiercest fighting until the declaration of a tenuous truce.
© Alex Mayyasi


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