Kay von Aspern - a selection

ABOUT the photographer
Like a skillful illusionist, Kay von Aspern reveals to the viewer only what he wants them to see, wielding his lens like a wand and manipulating various aspects of the scene. He is capable of not just capturing a moment in time, but in creating a portrait that tells a unique tale. 

He stalks the streets for hours, searching for the next story to tell. Some days, the gods of art are elusive and he returns empty handed; and other days, he is struck from the moment he leaves his front door, instantly swimming in a sea of beauty, angst and poetry. It is for those rare days, that Kay is driven to wander the city, looking for the extraordinary within the mundane."

I enjoy the pictures that Kay has selected and hope to be able to show more of his work in the future. - Mr Urbano


Mikael said…
Wow, this is great work!
Simon Johansson said…
Super shots!
Kay von Aspern said…
Thank you Ulf for posting this article about me and my photography!