My Best Picture - Lise Utne

65°32′15″N,13°22′56″E, Trofors railway station in Norway, is the geographical location where this image was made on 17th January 2010. My son and I were travelling home to Trondheim after celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday in Bodø, and were sitting in the empty restaurant carriage. The train stopped briefly, thus making possible a sharp image with the handheld camera at 100 ISO, which made me very happy when I went through the files upon returning home.
© Lise Utne Trondheim, Norway


Fritsch said…
The light & the symmetry is just overwehlming. A beautiful because lonesome frame. Goes along with a hundred Tom Waits tunes in my head.

All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.
Lise Utne said…
Thank you so much for your generous feedback, Fritsch!