My Best Picture - Giovanni Savino

When death comes and all is left is just one photograph

I took the picture of this little kid in a tiny village of the Dominican Republic with a plastic Holga camera.

A few weeks later tragedy struck. The little boy was eating a "kenepa" (a tropical fruit also called Lemoncillo) when he swallowed the seed and it got lodged in his throat. The hospital being far away, he did not make it in time. He died a very slow and painful death choked by a seed.

This is the only photograph of the little boy ever taken during his short life. And all is left of him. I offered a print, in his memory, to the distraught family. Out of the many photographs I have taken during my career, this one always had a special place in my heart.

Giovanni Savino


a very touching story...
an important picture, because it's a hommage to life.
br said…
a very tragic story...the pain can be felt through your image and words. great.