Panahan Mataraman - Kurniadi Widodo

"This is a traditional archery competition held by Kraton Yogyakarta, where each participant is required to wear traditional Javanese clothings. They sit in a row while shooting at the targets, four arrows for each archer for each round. The archer who hits the targets the most within 20 rounds wins. Though I've lived in Jogja for 10 years and have heard about this competition many times before, this was actually the first time I saw it in person, and was quite impressed."

ABOUT the photographer
Kurniadi Widodo
b. 1985
Blog PROFESSIONAL PROCRASTINATOR - photographs and words by Kurniadi Widodo

By 2006 I decided to take up photography seriously and haven't looked back ever since. I have no formal education in photography, I learn what I know by doing it and reading as much as I can from whatever sources available and accessible to me, as well as discussion with like-minded individuals around.

Probably influenced by my brief study in architecture, in photography I am mostly interested in urban issues: how a city develops and how it affects its inhabitants, the human conditions within our built environments, and also the relationship people have with them. I am based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, photographing various aspects of the city whenever I have the chance and planning to continue to do so for years to come.

Photos and text © Kurniadi Widodo



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