My Best Picture - opening with Malin Larsson

Photo © Malin Larsson

"This is a pretty recent picture, and for today I consider it my best. I shot it while in Joplin, Missouri, two weeks prior to the tornado."

The challenge
I want to receive just one (1) picture - and it should be the Best. Not your most popular picture, it should be the picture that You rank as your Best (so far).

Now you may argue: "Well, I have a dozen best pictures" and I will answer; "No, I want a single picture". Or you may say; "It depends on the context or if it's a photo from a specific series" and I will answer: "No, just one picture". You will make a fair remark as " I wouldn't call any of my photos my best one because they all tell something to me". But I will be very stubborn and answer, "No, just one"

Your answer
I have received about 90 pictures. It has been wonderful to watch your personal choice for Best Picture.

Thank you all. It will be a pleasure to present your contributions. Starting today you will find Your Best Pictures published on 591. I will publish 2-3 images each day at 5 PM, 9 PM or 1 AM (what else)

When all pictures are published there will be an album for all of you to enjoy.
- Mr Urbano




Fritsch said…
Thanks again for this challeging series. And I already know that it will be wonderful to look through all these personal choices. Yet a great kick off!

All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.