591 Exhibition: Anatomy Studies – Sinisa Alujević

Inspired by antique greek sculptures and master painters of the barock era I created the „Bildzyklus Anatomie Studien“. The intension behind this project is to expose the fragile aesthetic and evanescence, both and simultaneous. The sculptural character with its whole beauty, erotic, proportions and dynamics on the other hand the barock spirit („memento mori“). The mixture of these great periods makes the essence for this work.

ABOUT the photographer
Sinisa Alujević 
born 1969 in Split / Croatia
currently living in Hannover / Germany
studied Photography in the early 90´s
studied Webdesign / Graphics
worked as a freelance Photographer
had several exhibitions and print publishings
opened a Studio of Photography („Advanced Photography“) in 2000
working as a photographic artist and webdesigner , since 2007
founded „Kunstbetrieb Alujevic“ in 2011
current position „Kunstarbeiter“ (artworker)

pictures and text by © Sinisa Alujević


Valeria said…
nice textures, i love textures over the body :)
brbulka.g said…
Very nice... :-)