Trapani - Hasse Linden

The Easter Procession in Trapani, Processione dei Misteri di Trapani, is a day long passion procession featuring twenty sculptures of individual scenes of the events of the Passion. 

To the sounds of marching bands the heavy wood sculptures are carried around the city of Trapani in a procession that starts in the afternoon of the Good Friday and goes on for about twentyfour hours.

It is an excellent series depicting the passion of the people participating in this procession. Hasse Linden have focused on faces, hands, gestures...resulting in some very expressive photographic moments. - Mr Urbano

Hasse Linden is a freelance photographer from Stockholm, Sweden


Simon Johansson said…
Great work, Hasse! Those men are tiiiired... You caught the feeling, great series.
br said…
excellent photo essay!!!