Reclaim Photography !

There was an exhibition of photography in the centre of Stockholm today. In a spontaneous action 12 photographers exhibited their prints on the pillars of Sergels Torg. 

I was one of the participating photographers. The following text called "Reclaim Photography" is a brief statement or manifesto of what it is all about. Please visit 
to participate in this movement starting today and hopefully spreading around the world.

Next event in Stockholm is planned to take place on 
Saturday 1 October at 13 00-15 00 (Sergels Torg) - Mr Urbano
International readers of 591 - please send an email to mrurbano (see contact page) and let us see if I can put up some of your prints. That would be great fun.

Reclaim Photography

Photography is the art form of our time. We see photographs in galleries, museums, on the Internet, in magazines and books.

Many photographs are displayed in the streets and in public spaces. But those pictures are usually about advertising - a call to consume.

We need other images to feed our imagination and sharpen our minds. We need the art of photography to be seen outside galleries, museums or computers.

Support our idea of Reclaim Photography - ​​Photography to the Streets and Public Spaces

Arrange exhibitions in the streets - spread photography as an art form to more people. Help to create a new visual landscape in our everyday environment.

Reclaim Photography!
Photography To The Streets and Public Spaces!

27AUG11 Stockholm

Photos by © Mattia Marchi


Rhonda Boocock said…
Such a wonderful, inspiring idea!
Valeria said…
The idea is amazing, just the way it must be, let's spread moments.
br said…
thank you Mr. Urbano...let's do it!!! photos to the streets and to the people!!
Unknown said…
Fantastic idea!
Anonymous said…
Simon Johansson said…
great idea! i will definitely participate the next time!