Photography project resulted in donation to Chernobyl Children's Project

 photo © Darren Nisbett

I received a letter from Darren Nisbett that made me glad:

" I started this year with a crazy notion to do something positive with my photography, from that came the idea to do an exhibition. Forward-wind slightly and the concept of the Chernobyl exhibition came together and I was booking my return flights back to Pripyat in order to work on my portfolio.

For me, the exhibition was a big success and through the magazine fees, book and print sales and donations: I am really pleased to have been able to donate a total of £1050 to Chernobyl Children's Project.There is a small twitter competition running to win a print from the exhibition - more details:

I am still looking at options to take the exhibition elsewhere so it may not be the end of it all. A big thanks for all the people that came to see it and helped by tweeting and posting about the project"

Watch the pictures from this series published on 591 Photography


br said…
great work!! and even better, a great contribution!! thank you for being a real human being on this planet. :))