591 Exhibition: 1989 Ragnar and Frej - Anneli Westfelt

This is Ragnar and Frej, both born in March 1989. When the pictures were taken Ragnar was studying philosophy and mathematics at Stockholm University. Among other things he is interested in the unexplored parts of the human brain. Frej has a serious brain damage. He was born with brain herniation and suffers from epilepsy and can neither talk, nor read or write. Ragnar is my former student and Frej is my son.  I followed them with my camera during one year. 

ABOUT the photographer

Anneli Westfelt
Born: 1964
Lives in: Stockholm
Inspiration (photographers): Gunnar Smoliansky, Diane Arbus, Maria Friberg, Josef Koudelka, André Kertész
Inspiration (other): my childhood
Film, digital or both: film