but..what is it?

Photo © Ulf Fågelhammar

I had the question when showing this print at an event last Saturday. It is a legitimate question, but it made me think about the general opinion that a photograph should depict something that can be understood. 

Well, I was lucky this time and did not have to get lost in a conversation about the meaning of the art of photography. I could simply answer; I haven't got a clue about what it is. The picture was taken at dawn in Spain and it looks like someone has made artwork of plastic bags. But I really have no idea. And I can't google it.


br said…
excellent mr urbano!!
Rhonda Boocock said…
doesn't matter what it is...it is beauty!
J. M. Golding said…
Wonderful photo! This question really brings up a whole set of assumptions about what photography is, what it's for, and the nature of representation and abstraction. I remember a workshop at which the instructor said that the answer is always, "it's a photograph." Not to be obnoxious, but to affirm it's more than just the obvious (or non-obvious) content.
dick said…
It might be a butterfly -"common blue" or a late
colony of them for some reason; anyhow the picture is dreamy in a beautiful way;
and thank you for all the good energy 591 brings to
a world that is going more and more bizarre
cafe selavy said…
Hell of a photograph.