The Best Street Photograph Ever

Copyright Nick Turpin

Is it possible to rate the best street photograph ever? Well, street photographer Nick Turpin wants us to give it a try:

"Although we may all have favourite Street Photographers they may not always be the author of our favourite Street Photograph.

It might be a revealing exercise to suggest and vote up or down single Street Photographs to see which images bubble to the top and which images fall to the bottom.

In this way we might get a sense of the popular opinion on what qualities might be inherent in ‘The Best Street Photograph Ever’.This is a bit of fun but at very least it should make for the creation of a fascinating collection of Street Photographs.

Please feel free to take part, vote images up or down and upload those you think should be included from any era and any Street Photographer." - Nick Turpin.

Head over to  Nick Turpin's website "779" and upload/vote!