This... this isn't the Matrix?

photo © Paolo Saccheri

What is "real"? How do you define "real"? 
...Free your mind. (Morpheus)

I liked following Pola Days very much this summer, showing some great photographers with a glimpse of their works. And shortly a great 591 Pola Days Album will be on show!

I really loved the quality of the submitted images. I want to thank all contributors for their beautiful photographs... either Classic Polaroids or digital images with The Look of Polas... I think we'll see more about them in the future!

Meanwhile have a great 591 Countryside Days!

- Paolo


Mikael said…
Thanks for the good work Paolo
thomas müller said…
is this a fake polaroid?
Colthsivers said…
Nice mister Calavera ; ]
Colthsivers said…
Ooops... I made a mistake, sorry.