Expressive bodies

Photos © Pablo Peyrolón

I am struck by Pablo's great ability to capture something I would refer to as "body language" or "body expression". It is often not the situation or the moment itself that gets my attention in these pictures but rather the expressive bodies that tell so much. - Mr Urbano

Pablo Peyrolón
Born(year): 1971
Lives in: Vienna, Austria
Latest exhibition: "Westkunst", Irak, April 2010
Coming, planned exhibition: "Facing friendship", WUK, Vienna, October 2010
Inspiration (photographers): Joel Meyerowitz, Garry Winogrand, W.
Eugene Smith, Garry Mark Smith
Inspiration (other): Haruki Murakami, Paul Auster, Jazz
Film, digital or both: both
Quote: "Not without a camera"



Tiberio Fanti said…
I really appreciated this series and promise to furter look into Pablo's pages, as they seem so in tune with the kind of images I'm always looking for.
Mikael said…
Nice series