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Photos © Ulf Fågelhammar (credit to the unknown street artists)

Don't worry dear readers of 591 Photography. There will be more than empty,empty chairs to watch this coming autumn on this blog. We are right now very curious about your vision of the countryside. See Vera's introduction and keep sending pictures from the country.

The 591 online exhibitions will be back with the third season, starting on 10 September. A lot of great photography to look forward too. There is still space in our online gallery from mid October to end of November for those of you who want to exhibit. Just drop us a line with your suggestions.

On 9 November we will celebrate the second anniversary of 591 Photography. There will be surprises, I think.

And beleive it or not, we are already planning for a great 591 Spring Exhibition 2011!

Our "Days" have been a great success! Many thanks to all of you who participated in RGB Days, Self Days, Street Days and Pola Days. It has been a wonderful experience to get to know so many photographers from all around the world.

"Days" will of course be back with more subjects to explore ( Country Days is still open for submissions)

This blog is also a lot about spontaneity, impulse and movement. So if you have something on your mind - show it to us with an individual picture or send us a series.

As indicated in the picture up front - you will find more information in the right column - and it is not even 10 metres away.

Take care and stay tuned to 591 Photography Blog - we are there for photography.

Mr Urbano


Paolo Saccheri said…
mi piace!
Mikael said…
Yes its on 591 that things happen, the place to be