Some excellent medium format captures by Micke Borg. He tells me that he used a Yashica C. Micke makes me think of the 1950's and the studio of the local photographer where I used to hang around as a kid. He sometimes showed Chaplin films and he had these odd kameras with two eyes (TLR) twin-lense reflex.

Meeting him again some five years ago, I asked him if those cameras were Rolleis. "Oh no" he said, "they were much too expensive. I worked with a Yashica."

Well, I guess Mr Grant M. Heffernan is perfectly right when he says in a forum on photonet: "The quality doesn't have anything to do with the camera. Assuming it's functioning well, it's all on you. I've taken great photos with a $20 Holga, and horrid ones with my Mamiya 7.

Photo © Micke Borg

Micke Borg
Born: 1962
Lives in: Stockholm / Sweden
Latest exhibition: Gnesta 31 July 2010
Inspiration: Life
Film, digital or both: Film


Simon Johansson said…
Hi Micke!
Nice to see you here on 591. Good shots. I like the lady with the cigarette and the kid in the coffee shop, great!

btw you should really show some of your punk photos here!
cafe selavy said…
A wonderfully appealing and cold set of photos. Like living underground.
Tiberio Fanti said…
Great shots!
Slussen (either outdoor or underground) is great place to meet people from all over the world. I think I've been hundreds of times hunting for photographs there ...
Micke Borg said…
Thank you all and to Simon i say Soon, soon :-)
Johan said…
Bra jobbat, Micke!
Johan said…
Fina bilder, Micke!