Pola Days - The Collection

Enjoy a selection of 25 pictures ( one by each photographer participating in 591 Pola Days ). It was a great show indeed. The selection is made by Paolo Saccheri, host of the Pola Days.

Pola Days - The Collection


thomas müller said…
excuse me but I have to ask it again if this polaroid is fake or not? it seems so that it is but i hope it is not...
Paolo Saccheri said…
Pola Days was about Classic Polaroids and digital images with The Look of Polas.
Being an owner of three analogue rangefinder cameras (35mm, 6x7 and a 6x6 folding) I would really like to be an analogue polaroider...
as a matter of fact I need to be in touch with the world with my iPhone that I use to have fun shooting (pardon me all open minded analogue purists like me) my polaroids too!! (did you notice I wrote it without capital letter?)
I thank Miki for the foot and the nice idea of the phone when in Budapest.
MrUrbano said…
Of course, there will always be those who look only at technique, who ask 'how', while others of a more curious nature will ask 'why'. Personally, I have always preferred inspiration to information.

Man Ray

and I agree...
Sehraeuber said…
Paolo, many thanks for your good work!

PS. I agree also with Man Ray!
All of this work is quite wonderful. The bottom line is the image and not how it was made. I could care less if it was done with traditional film means or via computer or phone. Even though much of my work is done with actual Polaroid materials I am often asked if they were created or modified in Photoshop. The opportunity to continue shooting Polaroid materials is much slimmer these days, so any phone app that can make me wonder if its "real" or "fake" is just fine with me. In many ways Polaroid has become a concept rather than a process. Beautiful images most importantly require only inspiration from the passionate individual who creates them.
Paolo Saccheri said…
Thank you all for the attention expressed to Pola Days and for the images you sent!

I agree with the inspiration thing... ;-)
in fact I don't know if the selection I made for this Collection is of the most beautiful and photographically perfect images... but of those that inspired me something peculiar.
thomas müller said…
Dear mrUrbano, i think it is a shame to quote Man Ray words in this case. I am sure he was talking about DIFFERENT classic techniques and not about that shit from this century when you can shot pictures with an Iphone and than you put it into a frame and you say let's call it a polaroid picture.That is simply ridiculous. Just think about Man Ray reaction about a "very creative" Rayograph made by an Iphone...i am sure he would not be happy...because he had put hard work into his art by experimenting in a dark-room. Now if you shot with an sx-70 you have to buy polaroid films which are very expensive nowdays and you can not take 100 pictures in a day or a week and than select one of them and put into a frame. You can use polaroid for the right subject at the right weather condotions to get really good polaroid pictures.I think there are some unique technics in photography that shouldn't be imitated by some digital shit..polaroid is one of them..
Renaud Bessaïh said…
I just want to say that I'm happy to be a part of this selection.
Anonymous said…
make space in our mind help us to enjoy the life... try and then believe it!!

Nice to see that there are not two opposite poles on it... just personal opinions :-)

thanks for all the images sharing
Paolo Saccheri said…
In my opinion analogue and digital have both limits and values.

- digital is unexpensive when shooting :-) hurrah!!! This gives great opportunities to everybody.

- ShakeIt app takes some time to instantly develop your photo so you must wait for the right moment before shooting... and the results are not user controllable.

Analogue obliges you not to waste film. You should have a good photographic eye to get fine results with less shooting as Thomas said.

Analogue Polaroid has a finer look, you get a wonderful paper in your hand (priceless!), and it's classic.

Being said that I agree with Nicoletta: everyone feels differently and has his own idea of photography, what moves his guts and what not.

Thomas: did you hope my photo is not digital because you like it and think it would deserve to be a Classic "real" Polaroid? I would appreciate that hope :-)

When promoting the exhibition I had a talk with someone believing we shouldn't show real and mocked-up Polaroids together. So we decided to label them and let people distinguish between.
This has been appreciated by those who love real Polas and feel an itch when seeing digital imitation that I wouldn't call "shit".