The pre-study

Södermalm från Riddarholmen
Photo Roos

"This photo of Södermalm, shot from Riddarholmen in Stockholm, Sweden, formed in my mind during a January evening with very nasty weather. Rain and snow was pouring down and the beautiful view made me see a huge large format polaroid print of it hanging on my wall. Unfortunately, i found no such camera in my pocket, but a small half frame digital that actually fit there. However i though, one can always rent one and decided to make a pre-study with what i had. This picture is what i got after trying to get as close to my vision as i could in post. 

Sadly, its most likely the only thing ill ever get. The renting a large format polaroid turned out to be a bit on the expensive side, so i loaded some tungsten 13x18 film for my linhof instead. But when the same kind of weather eventually returned, i got me and my gear back to the location, only to find the view obscured by a construction site."

I asked you to send me short stories containing 1-5 pict...Hey,hey there! One picture!? It is impossible!

Well, Roos just proved it possible with his brilliant short story holding just one picture.
Mr Urbano