Kevin Collier part 2

photo by Kevin Collier

Last week we saw a few photos by Kevin. Today I wanted to show you a few more including a couple he took of his dad. They are extremely touching to me.  He tells us this about himself:

     "My name is Kevin Collier. I was born and raised in Southern California in the city of Orange in a time when there were still orange groves growing right up to our back door.
     I was first introduced to photography by my father. He had a camera with him everywhere he went. One of my favorite gifts from him was an X15 Kodak 126 format camera. I still have the Kodachrome transparencies I shot with that first camera.
    I went on to study photography at Mt. San Antonio College. My first class was The Physics of Light. To this day I remember those wonderful lessons.
     I love the outdoors and feel at my best riding my bike. Photography is my passion along with the guitar. Music...what can I say, I am never without it. Our 5 grand kids are pure pleasure as well.
      My influences are many. The first being my father. William Eggleston, Minor White and Edward Weston also come to mind.
      Life has been good to me and in the words of Keith Richards, I'm not getting old, I'm evolving."

 all photos ©Kevin Collier