Traditional Swedish fence

When we moved to our new property this summer, we thought that an old traditional Swedish farmers fence would look really nice. These fences are a true handcraft, there are no nails nor strings in metal, everything used is coming from pure juniper and fir trees. 

But I of course photographed the builders as their work progressed, in my kind of craft, with film! We are very happy with our traditional Swedish fence, it is a beautiful piece of art in itself.
Marie Ahlén

Yes, I have seen the construction of such a fence too. It is very interesting. Marie has made some excellent pictures too of the process. You should go to her page to learn more and enjoy the complete series. Thank you for sharing.

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Mr Urbano


Andrea Ingram said…
Ooh, lovely. Our local fences in the Outer Hebrides have the rotten wooden fence posts flapping in the wind as they hang on the wire between them.