Photographer Daniel He

Daniel He is from Shanghai, China but has moved to Canada and he is now living in Toronto.

With the same feeling of homesickness that other newcomers experience, he suffered from problems like self identification. By living in a new environment, Daniel He has tried to revoke memories of his home town.

All the pictures were taken with a historical process, Wet Plate Collodion Tintype process, which was popular in 19th century. With marks of chemical stain and blurring edge, Tintype can depict the sort of nostalgic emotion that Daniel He desired.

Daniel He is presenting us to a visual landscape leaving room for our imagination and feelings. He is expressing something shared by many, the loss of something, a loved one, a place, a home. I think that we can expect to hear from Daniel again and I know that galleries in Toronto has already put his work on display. Thank you for sharing with 591 Photography and best of luck.
Mr Urbano