For the last few years, I have had running as an on and off personal photographic project. Sort of like running itself. It has no specific meaning or goal (sort of running itself). I am not a good runner, and when I run, I end up among the slower runners. That is a good place to be. There is belonging, kindness and cooperation. No actual competition. Philosophically this resonates with me. Running slowly and steadily, with a good amount of effort, helping each other along the way is a beautiful metaphor for life.

Sometimes I participate in races, sometimes I’m a spectator. Either way I make sure to bring a camera. The pictures here are from Stockholm Marathon, Boston Marathon, Newport Half Marathon, Tjurruset, and Midnattsloppet.

A great series by Mattias Lundblad. Yes he is reconnecting with 591 and it makes me glad! Keep on running!
Mr Urbano