On show in Gothenburg: Dan Isaac Wallin

Photographer with one of his pictures. And quite a journey from the moment of exposure. Now printed, framed and ready to exhibit.

Dan Isaac has been seen on 591 Photography too, along with so many great artists. The trick is to click his name in the "labels" field - I am sure you know about that.

When I receive material about upcoming exhibitions there is often a text too. In this case a very good description of Dan and his work. So here is an excerpt:

"What is the hunt for an image worth? Photographer Dan Isaac Wallin leaves civilisation behind, walks across deserts and travel to remote islands. He lugs along large format cameras and Polaroid film. Stay out for weeks, meditate and observe the surrounding nature. 

Despite the eons of time and all hardships, it’s worth it. When the composition comes alive. In that moment of exposure something larger appears, something beyond the relation between perspective, camera and subject. To Dan, photography is a process – an artistic, technical and craftsmanlike expedition." 

"Nature is a frequent theme for Dan’s artwork. May it be salty oceans, rough granite, dry deserts or snow-clad mountain peaks. Different sceneries united by their solitariness. The pictures find their form during Dan’s travels. First, he discovers a place – like Lofoten in Norway, Iceland, or Israel. Then he returns. Spend time. Create pictures. Slices of his experiences: ´It’s places from my memory, places close to my heart´."

Dan Isaac Wallin is based in Göteborg where he has his studio and runs the photo gallery Elf. His work is exhibited in galleries in Sweden and the Netherlands. He has also published two photo books. 

And yes, there he is!

Where? ArtPhotoCollection galleri/showroom, Hedåsgatan 5, Göteborg 
When? Vernissage Saturday, 3 December, 12 00

Mr Urbano