Virtual - Tamás Varga

I am highly impressed by this wet plate collodion series by Hungarian photographer Tamás Varga. If you learn the technique of wet plates it seems that any picture will come out original and beautiful. But Tamás takes it a step further by adding a content to his series "Virtual" that being "not obvious att all" sparks my imagination. It is all about the visual part of photography. So excellent. 

Anita Balogh, author of 591, presented Tamás to us back in 2011: Photography is my one...and lonely.. We need to see more from him!

Photos © Tamás Varga


Balogh Anita said…
Mély tiszteletem a tevékenységed előtt!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!
Varga Tamás said…
Köszi, aranyos vagy!!
Anonymous said…
excellent work!