The Flea Market - Ksenija Spanec

"Sometimes, on Sunday mornings, I go to a flea market. It is the place that inspires me, but also scares me and makes me feel sad sometimes. Anyway it is a place full of life, full of emotions. One word is common there...poverty...People that you can find there are living their lives on the edge.

People that are visiting the place only, like myself, are concious that the edge is very close, and tomorrow we can be there too, trying to sell whatever possible, to make for a living somehow. That is why it scares me. But I prefer "watching the fear in the eyes", not because I am brave.I just want to "adjust" myself on a thought and not to be scared any more.

A genial Croatian writer Miroslav Krleža wrote in his "Balads of Petrica Kerempuh": "Never has it been that it wasn't anyhow; nor will it ever be that it won't be anyhow" ( I found the translation on Wikipedia)... I guess it is the general philosophy of the people in my country, a good philosophy, let's say."

This series from a flea market with text and photos by Ksenija Spanec  is just excellent (the opening picture is genial) Thank you for sharing it with us. - Mr Urbano


dieter michalek said… wonderful n black and white.
erin said…
this touches me deeply in the place where we are all vulnerable))

Michael W said…
Ksenija Spanec said…
Thank you Dieter, Erin and Michael, ad a special thank you to Mr Urbano :)
kk said…
Ksenija, great project, hopefully, there is more?
Ksenija Spanec said…
kk thank you, it is an ongoing project