Fabio Sgroi - a selection (second part)

USA, New York 1997 
USA, New York 1997 

Rep. Ceca Cheb 2006
Rep. Ceca Cheb 2006
Macedonia, Skopje 2004
USA, New York 1996
Herzegovina 2013
Bosnia, Sarajevo 2011
Francia, Marsiglia 1999 
Italia, Sicilia 1986
Spagna, Siviglia 1988
Italia, Sicilia 1990
Serbia, Belgrado 2004
Turchia, Istanbul 2003
Francia, Perpignan 1995
Germania, Berlino 2001

All photos © Fabio Sgroi
WEB: www.fabiosgroiphoto.com


cafe selavy said…
These are seriously wonderful images that can be looked at again and again without boredom. There is something in the water over there. . . so much richness and visual acuity.
Unknown said…
Wonderfull pictures, so fantastic