Arnaud Carbonnier; Photoautomat - 4 minutes

Photo ©Arnaud Carbonnier

The coming days I will publish pictures you sent to the Photoautomat Co Op project. There were not as many photos in the inbox as I would have hoped, but those that I received are a treasure. Thank you.

Arnaud's 4 minutes picture reminds me of when I was in Paris 1990 and tried to get a Carte Orange for the Metro. You needed a photo and I entered a photoautomat and the pictures were taken. Then I had to wait...and seemed like at least 10 minutes. The machine made a lot of strange noises, I imagined that there was a person inside hammering and cutting the photos.

When the picture finally appeared from the automat, it was not...let's say something I would show to my mother. It was extremely dark and I looked like someone that the Préfecture de police de Paris would like to have a chat with. 
- Mr Urbano


Helen said…
Estas maquinas en España tienen el nombre de "fotomatón".. Un matón es alguien que mata,un mafioso.. y se le llama así porque por lo general son las fotos mas horribles que te puedes hacer ya que siempre sales mal y es raro que te salga laguna foto decente... También jugabamos a meternos 10 en una cabina de fotos y a ver que salia de alli.. un saludo :)