Photoautomat; Collection of 4x4 pictures

It happens quite often that we are fortunate in finding people interested in the subjects proposed for Co Op (Days). This time we were extremely lucky to know about Susanne Keglovic. Her sister Judit writes: "Susanne, my sister, has been collecting the 4X4 pictures since 1990 (yes, before Amelie). I asked her to let me send a few of the pics to the photoautomat project. 

Pictures of friends and relatives, a lot found in the street. Interesting to see the changes in people, if we put the pictures together. For me the most important is to have the collection of Mom and Dad."

Thank you Judit and Susanne for sending this treasure ( there will be one more set published). It is absolutely wonderful to watch - I am a new aficionádo of your collection Susanne. - Mr Urbano