Two (where I am heading ) - Robert Willson

These are layered images, some taken the same day, some, some even years ago. they tell a story the viewer decides, an emotion or a time they can relate to evoked.

They are pictures that i want to build a theme around. i would love to do a series of photographs 3 foot by 3 foot prints. i am still working on this but that is where i am heading.

"We are all so complex, with many thoughts and memories running through our minds at the same time we can hardly breathe. This is an attempt to slow down that speed of lightning."

- Robert Willson


Vale said…
cool work
bluestorm said…
amazing works of art!
Jody L. said…
My favorite, I think. So hard to choose.
I get emotional when I look at the layers.
Overwhelmed, even...