Gaël Turpo - a selection

Gaël Turpo born in Paris (France) in 1980. After studying journalism, he discovered photography. He made several solo and group exhibitions. In 2011 he participated in a workshop with JH Engström.

"There is no subject. This is not a story, this is not an autobiographical work, this is not a travelogue or landscape photographs. This is not street photography, not conceptual photography. These are my encounters caused or hazardous. A mixture of fascination for people, scenery, details and atmosphere. The challenge is to succeed to be close and to get away at the last moment. 

I denounce nothing, I just want to be there and watch. I'm obsessed with these situations we barely observe, fascinated by the beauty that we no longer see. I love the absurdity that surrounds us."

Gaël Turpo


All photos © Gaël Turpo