Everyday Life's Value - Nathanaël Fournier (second part)

 Le baiser, Toulouse
Grande Rue St Michel, Toulouse
Figueres, Espagne

Nathanaël Fournier is a 30 years old photographer from Lille, Northern France. He has been working with analog cameras and no crop for about 10 years. He's travelling in France, Belgium and Corsica, and practising Street photography and reportage:

Nathanaël is also a co-founder of RAZZIA, a photographers collective based in Liège, Belgium.

WATCH the first part of this fine series of photographs

 Musée du Jouet de Figueres
  Rue de Tananarive, Toulouse
 Parvis St Sernin, Toulouse
 Place Wilson, Toulouse
 Rue de Béthune, Lille

Photos ©  Nathanaël Fournier 


Camera guide said…
Thanks for a great post. Your photos are really nice. They have emotion to it. Great photojournalism
nathanaël said…
thank you !!