Heart Dish - Photo collage from Tehran - MORVARID K.

Tehran . 2013 . 16 artworks . 2 at 80x140cm, 6 at 80x80cm, 8 at 50x50cm

Tehran's rooftops are adorned with millions of satellite dishes receiving television broadcasts in Farsi from overseas. In a restrained society where national media is heavily regulated, these foreign satellite transmissions are one of the few uncensored sources of information, opinion and entertainment available to Iranians.

Although satellite dishes were officially outlawed in 1994, Tehranees continue to clandestinely install them. The Iranian government in turn routinely engages in “satellite jamming", saturating the air waves with enough noise to interfere with satellite transmissions. While no official data exists, many suspect that this noise also causes significant physical harm, with reports of women terminating their pregnancies as far as five months when the hearts of their unborn babies fail to develop properly.

Each collage in Heart Dish is composed of rust-coloured satellite dishes set against the metallic rooftop textures in Tehran, arranged in compositions recalling geometric patterns typical in Iran. At first glance, the images are unassuming and harmlessly pretty. A closer inspection reveals real hearts at the centre of each dish, seemingly connected to the network of cables, bringing to the surface the invisible process of relentless damage to a society.

WEBSITE: www.morvarid-photography.com

Born 1982, Tehran.
Studied at Ecole des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux.
2013 – Yavuz Fine Art, Singapore, ‘Heart Dish’, catalog available
2013 – Wonderwall, Delhi ‘L’effacement’
2007 – Lure, Melbourne ‘Fragile’
2013 – Upcoming at Salwa Zeidan, Abu Dhabi
2012 – Origine Fine Art, Delhi
Exhibited series: ‘Above the Streets’ and ‘Twin Lives’
2011 – Yavuz Fine Art Gallery, Singapore, ‘Idols and Icons’ curated by Iola Lenzi, catalog available
Exhibited series: ‘Twin Lives’ and ‘Beyond convention’


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