Prints for Prints - a project about giving back the pictures you take

A family photograph is a precious thing to many of us, and especially to people who live in rural areas and often do not have a record of their elders.

One thing that has become apparent while traveling in Africa is how precious a photograph is to a family, especially in the rural areas of Ethiopia.  Most families have no record or image of their loved ones, and when we are able to give prints to villagers, it is appreciated beyond measure. 

Prints For Prints auctions donated photographs and uses the proceeds to set up makeshift studios in rural villages, working with local student photographers when possible, for the purpose of donating the prints to those who do not have photographs of their loved ones. 

The concept has multiple facets:  photographers donate prints so that people in rural areas can have prints. We are also going to pair up the US photographers with local Ethiopian photographer students to that exchange of talent, skills and cultural awareness occurs. 

I will expand this soon with different locations, mostly within Ethiopia, but also in other rural areas.  I have a waitlist of photographers who would like to go on the trip, and I think this is a great way to introduce people to the country.
- Joni Kabana

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Bent Rushmore said…
Great project. Would love to participate or help out somehow. So far shared this blog post.