Festa della Repubblica

Each year in Italy, June 2 is the anniversay of the day when, in far 1946, by means of a constitutional referendum, the Italian Poeple decided with universal suffrage to change page after fascism and WWII and restart as a Republic, instead of continuing to stay under "control" of the monarchy. Just like the other great annual Spring's celebrations - the Liberation Day, on April 25 and the Labour Day, on May 1 - this day takes every year a different meaning, depending on social and political conditions. Yet, in the main squares of every large town or small village, people are used to shortly gather and stand for a while together.
For some children it's the very first real contact with the institutions. It's so nice to see how, beside apparels and few other tecno-gadgets, faces, words and attitudes are still the same as when I was a child. My son's class is now made of kids coming from every corner of the world. Still they all feel proud to stand like small soldiers, singing the national anthem close to their "maestra" and wave their flags.