In search of another reality - Dario Matiç 1:2

Most of the pictures are taken with a homemade pinhole camera and some are made with kowa super 66 camera. Mostly double or triple exposures. Trying to explore world behind visible reality.

Photo © Dario Matiç


Anonymous said…
Well done, the images take time to see.
Vale said…
Wow! fantastic images :)
kwarkito said…
Magnifique travail et superbes visions de l'infra monde
Ksenija Spanec said…
Great photos!
Bravo maestro. Dosledno do kraja sto karakterise samo izuzetne.
Bravo maestro. Consistent to the end. That is characterized by only exceptional.
Unknown said…
Odlično! Dobra vizija slaganja priče na fotki.

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