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Caspar Urban Weber

Caspar is  taking photos since two years at clubs in suburbia around zurich. The intention is not to take a simple photo. He is “painting” a baroque picture of urban and suburban subculture.     

Born (year): 1967 in Switzerland
Lives in: Zurich, CH,
Latest exhibition: 2010 in Japan
Coming, planned exhibition: autumn 2012 in Zurich

Inspiration (photographers): the unknown painters in the Lascaux Cave, M. Caravaggio, Rembrandt van Rijn, Josef Beuys, Jackson Pollok and Daido Moriyama, Anders Peterson, Balthasar Burkhard and very importent: Erwin Schrödinger the physicist and philosopher of science and his little book: “Was ist Leben? - Die lebende Zelle mit den Augen des Physikers betrachtet” (What is life? – the living cell in the view of  a physicist)

Inspiration (other): F. Petrarca (1304-1374), sometimes Mr. M. Proust and for ever: the brilliant writer Jörg Fauser


Published some books

 Photos © Caspar Urban