591 is on the move with...Trailer Days!

Summer is upon us! Some are dealing with oppressive heat, some with flooding rain. During this time 591 would like to focus on pictures of trailers, both the tourist kind and the kind that is used as a substitute for a house.

Of course we know that trailers are used for many different purposes and called by various names... caravans, trailers used on farms, mobile homes, motor homes and wagons and trailers used by food vendors for selling fruit or other treats. There are many ways to interpret 'trailers' and we hope to see yours this summer.

Please send up to 5 pictures to 591trailerdays@gmail.com   The deadline is August 15, 2012. We will start publishing on September 1st.  Pictures should be 800 pixels wide, 72 dpi and jpg or png.  

Happy Summer....hope to see your trailer pictures soon!



mrurbano said…
This will be great to watch!