[bod-ee] - Soraya Matos

Body, [bod-ee]. This beautiful, structure is what we will live in for the rest of our lives, I envision bodies as a natural abstract form, with curves, edges, bumps and scars that describe each human. This series encompasses the power and divinity these natural, beautiful qualities women possess used into our mother nature.

Soraya Matos is an ambitious, hode-podge of a young woman who sees the world from a different angle.  Soraya spent the majority of her life in Southampton, New York, but also stays true to her heritage by visiting her family's motherland and second home, Portugal. 

Soraya now attends Wheaton College where she pursues a degree in Visual Sociology with a Photography concentration. Her first spark with photography started in her sophomore year of high school. Soraya then spent a summer working at a local sandwich shop to save enough money for her first Canon Rebel. 

She funded herself through Darkroom workshops at a local Art school, and now her passion has became completely apparent. A true traveling fanatic, Soraya is fluent in four languages, and after graduation hopes to explore many parts of the world. Her photography is an expression of self and demonstrates her visual voice.

Photos © Soraya Matos
Website www.sorayamatos.com 



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